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In addition to a range of laboratory and research related equipment, lab-wares, instrumentals and other accessories, United Chemicals also offers some services to our customers. These services are there to ensure that all your laboratory maintenance activities, testing and other usual needs are taken care of.

Pest Control Service 1

We, design & develop specific programs; blending the available pest control techniques and subsequent integration of appropriate measures for long- term prevention of pests, that is not altering your delicate eco-system & well- being. We are governed by a set of Health, Safety and Hygiene Legislation, enables optimum health & safety benefits to our employees & customers. The technically skilled, certified professionals with extensive experience enable us to deliver the best quality service. Our team consistently design and develop the cost-effective solutions that promising the optimum result without compromising the quality. Each customers engagement in our business and their contribution

Chemical Disposal

Residual chemicals and waste must be disposed of properly and professionally. Here, too, we can provide support as your expert partner. We recycle and dispose of excess or contaminated chemicals legally, inexpensively and without harming the environment. We aim to fulfill our product stewardship obligations and complete the product cycle in a responsible fashion, together with you as our customer. As a certified waste disposal company for over many years, we provide you with support from the delivery of fresh goods all the way to disposal of the resulting special waste. We act as an intermediate waste storage facility and take care of the entire disposal process for our customers. Dependin

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